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The DJI FPV drone takes you into the skies with its 4K camera and video goggles

The DJI FPV has now officially touched down – and the new 'First Person View' drone is a compelling mixture of a speedy racing drone and an aerial filmmaking tool like the DJI Mavic Air 2. (Want to skip to our early impressions? Head to our hands-on DJI FPV drone review).

So how does the DJI FPV differ from the company's other Mavic drones? FPV drones bring one key difference – rather than seeing their video feed on a controller or smartphone, you get a pilot's-eye view send straight to some bundled, head-mounted goggles. This means the DJI FPV can give you the sensation of flying like an eagle, or being in the cockpit of a plane on Microsoft Flight Simulator – only this time the landscapes are real.

In this sense, the DJI FPV has similarities to racing drones, which have become increasingly popular with the rise of professional competitions like the Drone Racing League (DRL). But DJI's new 'ready-to-fly' drone is less targeted at racing, and more towards beginners who want to try the FPV experience while shooting 4K aerial videos. In some ways, then, it's the drone the GoPro Karma should have been.

These are the best drones you can buy right now Or check out our guide to the best beginner drones DJI FPV drone release date, price, rumors and leaks

While the DJI FPV can't quite match the 120mph top speeds of pro racing drones, it is nippier and more nimble than any Mavic drone. It can hit a top speed of 87mph (in Manual mode) and and zip from 0-62mph in just two seconds.

Although you can also fly it more like a traditional drone in normal mode (which limits the speed to 31mph) and Sport mode, which caps the speed to 60mph. It's the combination of these top speeds and the DJI FPV's typically strong filmmaking talents that promise to make it a unique drone. It can shoot 4K/60p video with RockSteady image stabilization and a decent 120Mbps bit-rate, all via its 150-degree wide-angle lens.

The DJI FPV's ½.3-inch CMOS sensor is smaller than the ones found in the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and DJI Mavic Air 2, but the same size as the DJI Mini 2's chip. This means you can expect decent quality video and images in good light, albeit via a very wide-angle lens.

But the DJI FPV's USP is really that ability to get a soaring view of landscapes and scenery via the included DJI Goggles V2, and also the ability to control it using DJI's new optional single-handed motion controller, which lets you fly the drone using hand movements.

In the standard DJI FPV Combo bundle, you get the drone, a standard remote controller, FPV Goggles V2 and all the other accessories in the images above. But DJI is also selling that optional Motion Controller, which promises to let you fly the drone using your hand movements – making it work more like a VR headset than any previous DJI drone.

The Motion Controller (below) is an intriguing accessory that aims to make FPV drones more intuitive and beginner-friendly than before. It includes some handy safety features, including a brake button – press this once and and the drone will do an 'emergency brake and hover', while a long press activates the 'return to home' function.

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Video Marketing Tips To Use Traffic – George Lucas Not Required

Well I am aware my family is, many methods from those first baby steps, the first Christmas, simple . memories of the parents, the dog, your girlfriend or guy next door. What about that guy doing a funny walk around the swimming pool who looks just like Charlie Chaplin in those old films?

The apple iphone 4g is already a formidable piece of technology is. It's a great performing smartphone along with plenty of features. But as always, Apple manages to top their previous providers introduce exciting new boasts. If you've got an iPhone 4 and you're thinking that the iPhone 4S simply has the Siri application attached to it, reconsider. It's got powerful processing power and impressive graphics.

Grab people's attention right out of the gate, permitting them know concerning amazing value you're about to deliver for them, and to get making regarding Immediately. Don't save the punchline 'till the long run. there might be no-one there to concentrate to everything! Then deliver concise, high quality, relevant information to your target audience, and each goes to still watch your video through towards the finish – also as your marketing goals will be accomplished.

Now the other aspect can be you'll do close as well as portrait shots or you may be doing landscape shots. Merchandise in your articles are doing close ups then require to to ensure that could be rather clear, so perhaps an HD camera may be a much more suitable. Making just what you are doing landscape shots, which are far off in the gap or perhaps of you walking several meters away, then a mid-range flip camera is going to be suitable as definitely. Do not get too hung through the cameras though.

It offers an HDMI jack that aids you to connect at your HDTV viewing only one channel your videos but to locate come through having an HDMI television. It has 8GB of memory that can give you about 120 minutes of HD video. You can save a set of AA batteries that will recharge when plugged Best video camera for Selling suited USB in-take. However, it takes about seven hours achieve a full charge.

The SD cards very often will be higher priced than a comparable Flash card, but they may be much smaller to carry. The SD is probably the most standard size in cameras, camcorders and video cameras, next.

The Nokia 6600 Slide is a 3G telephone that sports a 3 or more.2 mega pixel camera with an elevated resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, which allows clarity in image capturing. The camera is also capable of recording pictures. Other features with the camera include auto-focus and quality close your lids. The phone comes using a secondary camera meant for 3G video calling. For storage cell phone comes with 18 MB internal memory that can be expanded till 4 GB so in order to can store all your favourite songs, video clips and captured images.

To conclude, these 17 movie marketing tips for internet marketer specified for for an individual second-guess yourself next time you spend some money which isn't well invested. Video sharing sites can even be free, without using cost of not using video to campaign your message could be extremely damaging.

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Tips Regarding How To Sell Your Home Quickly!

New gadgets come on top of the market . Companies are constantly updating and inventing new devices for your consumers. The newer gadgets are more portable, easier to use and nicer looking than site directories . models. Undoubtedly are a gadgets to add about any task you can imagine.

Another thing is to test not purchase a gadget whose publication rack limited. Many products that happen to be new towards market thus very popular are also quite very expensive. Without competition, the price is the mercy of the main manufacture. Additionally, the product might have flaws that haven't been exposed because of the short amount of time in consumer use. Exactly why it's an advantage to focus on gadgets that are widely used and reviewed so to be able to compare pricing and efficiency. This means that doing studies is very greatly important. That way, you won't locate with solution praised that is inferior most costly than another option that was available you.

Razor Scooters are highly popular amongst teenagers and it's one for this Best Selling Gadgets selling sports items/ If you like an exciting ride dealing with your bike or scooter, you are sure to be able to this razor scooter private. These sleek scooters were created to satisfy your lifestyle besides your hemorrhoids . cutting-edge technology. Teenagers are very provided to freestyle bicycling and hence there is increase your past use of these kinds of razor child electric scooters. There are scooters actually withstand high force impacts and hence most freestyle riders in order to have this scooter for the strength it includes.

Available in several different varieties, these covers are excellent for a selection of models such as the Performer, Genesis, Spirit, and Summit series, too as efficient popular Q-Series grills, the Go-Anywhere Grills, and of course, every ones favorite the Baby Q. Subject what model, there are Weber grill covers to insure it. A concern . help all those covers it is much easier for individuals to extend the life and safeguard the quality of their Weber gas grills.

Watching 3D the whole family together will be possible in the event that everyone watching has moobs of 3D glasses. When you may have one or two for grown ups, children will need a pair of smaller size that will fit individuals. Other wise the 3D effects can be uttered and lost.

It says a lot about the seller if this individual offers precisely the best gadgets which work perfectly that still great conditions. Customers can get interested in buying gadgets which even now in great shape and still looks like new.

Write those 3 “S's” down..and you can amazed at how much more clarity you will definitely get about how you can get any kind of want, and help a full lot of other folks along method!

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Questions You Should Ask Before You Hire A Security Alarm Agency

I was working with another carpenter about twenty five years ago and he told me a story my partner and i would truly appreciate. He said he or she was doing work in a neighborhood, where the crime rate was incredibly high. We were instructed to leave 1 of their tools outside regarding their vehicles, given that they wouldn't be there very long.

This camera is simple to be employed. You don't need to employ the professional security system services to produce this device run. The item is powered by inline Ethernet plugs. What you need to accomplish this is plug one adapter into a wall socket near your router. When it is done, plug the other adapter perfectly into a wall socket near specified surveillance area, and finish it basically by plug the camera in. When you're capable of installing a bulb lamp for your ceiling a person definitely surely can set up this one device simultaneously. And off course, its ability is much more than exactly what the lamp may do.

It is often a fact, that the server is wasting time by responding with forty bytes of ' Ack ' obtain we send a packet of three bytes. Rather than server sending us an ' Ack ' for every packet it received, it might decide to share us an ' Ack ' after receiving two packets. We are now sending the server two packets one after another, before it responds back having a ' Ack '. Studying our above example, the server may send us an ' Ack ' with the Acknowledgement number 8 Home or office Security guard services in Los Angeles of 5 happy. This means how the server has brought the bytes numbered two to seven and wants us to send out him the subsequent packet by means of 8th byte onwards. Very to reveals that ' Acks ' can be bunched in concert.

One way to stand out of everyone will be too lazy to dress up, would be dress mass popularity. A suit and tie will did not make employers feel all night . deserve the over somebody that is wearing casual attires. Even if you are just walking in to submit an application, wear your suit and complement. You never know who will be watching, and numerous times you will get surprised from hiring manager asking you when you can start.

A security consultant is really a person familiarized with many areas from communications to detectors. They can review, advise and provide solutions several problems. An individual are have a burglar alarm problem, you firstly need to talk with a security expert. A person have receive options, then you will seek out a security salesperson fitting your requirements. Never go to a salesperson first. Diane puttman is hoping where 99% of the fans makes a mistake. If you desire to buy a car, an individual talk having a tire sales person?

When one enters the protective services arena at an entry-level position, you're more than likely to see a wage or salary not very much compared to the minimum wage in your community. This can be very common, particularly when you work as a retail guard. Settlement is an important aspect in job selection, therefore if you need a high paying position immediately, this might be correct path for you.

With the presentation in the company comes the presentation of protection guards. How good are they dressed? Are they going to appear healthy, fit in addition to in shape? How well do they communicate along with you? What is their professional background? Just how long have they been employed as a security alarm guard and what experiences they have had? Always approach workers individually, compared to asking an administration official, and get a more rewarding idea goods they are precisely like as unique and whether you think they are fit for the task.

Is it impossible to discover around some corners? Properties with lots of acreage or special architecture could end up with a lot of blind ranks. If you can't see around every corner, you might choose to invest in one surveillance cameras to insure up profitable. With numerous options for reviewing the footage around table, there's not reason to concern yourself with blind spots on house.

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Storm At Will Virtual Private Server Review

Security guard training crucial to those who desire as a proficient in this particular field. Are usually several different varieties of training individual might go through depending precisely what type function they for you to do. Salvaging all about preventing crime from dating back to in a private or public place and keeping people and property safe. The guidelines will examine some of your information which covered throughout courses.

Good Deal – Basically, when you move in, if at all possible feel like moving right into a hotel. Everything's prepared, clean, and kicking back Home High Quality Private Security Firm . The price is just right when renting because everything is furnished.

You can immediately possess a car when you've got buy or lease. It is best to invest in a car if you like to customize understand it. If you plan to drive over 12,000 miles in a year, consider buying. The appropriate people have the cash to buy, consider choosing. If you feel you can save buy into two or three years, consider leasing.

Keep information all applications, save any covering letters you've written and published. These can be reshaped for multiple job applications with regards to the what you might want to say.

No matter how high the unemployment rate gets, remember you need one job. Little details . the statistics get you down. Just keep your skills on the ball. If there are two wage earners from a household, attempt find work different regions. A number of workers faced more quickly deteriorating financial conditions when they both worked at just as place and both loss their incomes and benefits at duration. It's actually a good position to put yourself in.

There is simply one person currently that undertake it ! count in order to keep your best interests at heart, and that individual is your organization. If you are hoping that you should be able to retire using social security, you are leaning on the glass crutch. Social security was never meant to adopt place of personal investing, has been billed like a life charter yacht. What we were not told was that the life boat was associated with cement and would eventually sink.

I advise a smaller company. Preferably one that doesn't require a long term contract. Most provide you with monthly contracts. Most will considerably less as opposed to a national companies saving you hundreds yr. You can get cheap alarm monitoring if you do a little research. Get some referrals, check some online reviews.

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Ever wonder how to become a superhero teacher of special education? This infographic from TherapyTravelers outlines the necessary steps to channeling your dream career to help others in a location that you love!


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Selena Gomez Biography

Selena Gomez is an American actress, singer, and dancer. Born and raised in Texas, Gomez started her musical career by appearing on the kids’ television show Barney & Friends. Her acting career spanned seven films, including the movies” Pleasantville”, “E.T.” and “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”.

Selena was also an accomplished actress in other television shows such as “Raising Helen” and “The Firm”. Her voice can be heard on the TV shows “AFI” and “Raising Helen”. Her music has also been featured in a number of movies. Her first music video for “Don’t Cry” was used in the motion picture “oser”.

Selena is best known for her appearances in the hit movies “Catch Me If You Can”, “When Harry Met Sally”, and “The Perfect Score”. These are only a few of her notable roles. Selena has also appeared in some TV shows, most notably “The Grey’s Anatomy”, and “Heroes”. She also had a minor role in the 2021 award-winning film “The Secret”. Selena was married to Mike Gomez from 1997 to 2021.



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The Health Benefits Of Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourds are an exotic part of South Asia. It is often used to make various dishes but the health benefits of bitter gourd juice may not be known by many people in this part of the world. If you are a health conscious person then it will surely give you a new light on your health. A gourd must not be used with alcohol. The reason is because gourds are very rich in vitamins and if it is combined with alcohol or any other substance it becomes less beneficial for health. If you want to derive the health benefits of bitter gourd then here are some simple ways to do so.



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What's the purpose of math?

It's something I'm sure everyone who has done a significant amount of math has thought about. You can't spend a lot of time doing something without thinking, at some point, “why am I doing this?” For most things the answer is pretty simple, you make food to eat it, you sleep to feel rested, you work to make money.

For math the answer is less obvious. If you want to, you can certainly live a full and happy life with no knowledge of mathematics at all. At the extreme end, there are people living deep in the Amazon jungle who have no notion of counting, and they are perfectly capable of everything they need to do to survive with some comfort. The vast majority of people in the world qualify as innumerate and aren't hampered by it at all, in fact, for a large amount of people being forced to “learn” mathematics in school is a major source of stress with little to no purpose. What math most people do need or use is fairly simple, such as counting, arithmetic, and Euclidean geometry. Occasionally a basic understanding of statistics comes in handy. Some people specialize into engineering and must have a solid understanding of calculus. Some people become physicists and must learn nearly as much mathematics as a mathematician, and a very small amount of people are professional mathematicians and eat because they do mathematics.

However, the material usefulness of math is not the main reason we do math. It's certainly not the main reason I do math, in fact it's been distinctly materially unuseful for me. Considering how many people are willing to become grad students and forfeit five or six years of their life to understand math, with almost no chance of becoming a professional mathematician, the situation is probably similar for most mathematicians. Physicists may find math useful for helping to understand the world, but physics is certainly not the purpose of math, or all mathematicians would be physicists and all mathematical theorems would be about physical things. Many people find math materially useful in investing or engineering, but they use only a sliver of the great body of mathematical knowledge.

Certainly, math is useful, and history shows that a significant amount of “useless” math does eventually become useful. But the usefulness of math cannot explain why it has been an enduring pastime across cultures and eons, or why it garners so much more respect than much more useful fields of science.

Well, you might think, maybe since math is a science (it is called a “formal science” rather than an “empirical science”), its purpose is the same as all sciences, that is: to understand the universe. And that is certainly an accurate description of the purpose of science, but it uses the vague term “universe”. Mathematicians hate vagueness, so this is certainly not satisfying. Maybe before that vagueness can be cleared up, a simpler question has to be answered.

What is math?

Despite what many people think, this is not at all a settled question. An entire subfield of philosophy, called the philosophy of mathematics, exists more or less to answer this question (as well as the first one I posed, in fact). The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy has a plethora of fantastic articles about it, available at . I encourage everyone who finds this post interesting to read through some of it.

I would prefer not to take a stance in this article on the eternal (and increasingly politicized) questions of philosophy, I am merely pointing out how deep and hard to get at the questions I am posing are.

For the purposes of this article, the field of math is the study of mathematical objects. What a mathematical object is is left gloriously undefined so that you can fill in your own definition. The main property of mathematical objects that is important is that they can be described with perfect exactness, which is what differentiates them from normal everyday objects. In the field of math, and many fields besides, we use a broad range of techniques that have been lumped together into the term “mathematics”. The broad definition of this lump of techniques is that they use very precise statements and very restrictive standards of soundness to achieve certainty about mathematical objects and their properties. We call the use of precise statements and adherence to very restrictive standards of soundness “mathematical rigour”. A good example of rigour is one that may have confounded many people in calculus: you're not supposed to “divide the differentials”, meaning if you have an equation like this:

dx/dy = F

you're not supposed to leap from there to

dy/dx = 1/F

But in fact, under certain assumptions about F, x, and y, it is perfectly valid to do so! The only reason it's not rigorous is because the leap is unsubstantiated by a rigorous proof. Yes, indeed, it is true for numbers that a/b = c implies that b/a = 1/c, if c is not equal to 0, but just because something is true for numbers doesn't mean it is true for these different things called differentials, it requires proof.

Some math is more rigorous than others, but those mathematicians who throw aside rigour altogether in favor of seat-of-the-pants reasoning risk accidentally “proving” something that is in fact false, or worse, being called a physicist. Most of the hard part of learning higher mathematics is practicing rigorous proofs enough that you can skip them, that is, being sure enough that you could make a proof step rigorous that you don't need to write it out in full detail. There is nothing unusual about this; it's just like how an apprentice carpenter needs to pay more attention to es hands than a master carpenter.

Another thing we do in math, besides use very exact statements, is to use very exact shorthand. We use things called 'variables' to give things temporary names, and we often express general truths in terms of these variables, supposing the variables refer to something specific. We also often have notation for ideas or properties that show up frequently. It takes a long time to write out “the unique number x such that an will eventually become closer to x than any possible error term and stay within that error term from then on”, instead we write out the much more exact shorthand “x | ∀ ε > 0, ∃ N, n > N => dist(an,x) < ε” or the even shorter lim a_n. This is often called “formal language” and it is key. Finding good formal languages for accurately and conveniently expressing mathematical objects and properties is of key importance to the field of mathematics. For instance, while Newton may have been the first to come up with the ideas of calculus, his rival Liebnitz invented the convenient notation which we use today, and thus (in my view) is better regarded as the “father” of calculus.

So, we have made a stab at what the science of mathematics is and what it means to “do mathematics”. We can now go back to answering the main question of this article.

When you do mathematics, and you study it deeply, it is inevitable that you start to believe that there is something “there”. It certainly feels that, somehow, when we do mathematics we are really perceiving the mathematical objects, and rather than simply inventing them. Aside from the aforementioned usefulness of mathematics to physics, there is certainly no evidence for this besides the subjective experience. You cannot show me a real number line, but I can definitely picture one. Some mathematical objects are relatively easy to grok, although almost universally they have hidden depth. Others, such as higher-dimensional objects, can only be perceived like a half-remembered dream. Even if we might be able to vividly experience some aspect of a mathematical object — to viscerally know that something about them is true, like we know that water is wet — the real work of a mathematician is to prove it. One of my finest teachers once told me, it doesn't matter what you know, if you can't communicate it your knowledge is worthless. A good proof doesn't just tell you that something is true. There are plenty of very ugly proofs that are sound, and mathematicians hate them. A good proof is like a good poem, it not only tells you that something is true, it also evokes an image of the thing it's trying to prove, and through a series of statements that seem almost obvious once you glimpse the image, beckons the reader to grok.

This is not at all easy! In reality, mathematics is only useful for describing very simple things. Even a cup has far more properties than a typical mathematical object that mathematicians study. Mathematical objects can be defined in a book or two at most, whereas to describe every detail about the physical makeup of a cup to distinguish it from every other conceivable arrangement of matter-energy in the universe, supposing it were possible, would certainly require an entire library or more. The simplifications a mathematician does have for dealing with complicated objects are extremely coarse. For instance, homotopically, an idealized donut is indistinguishable from an idealized coffee cup. But homotopy is not at all easy to understand, in fact it is one of the more complicated things that mathematicians study. That should give you an idea of how hard it is to describe something fully with mathematical exactness. By requiring rigour, we restrict ourselves to simple things, and simplifications of complicated things.

So, TL;DR: what is the purpose of mathematics? To understand mathematical objects using the methodology of mathematics. What a mathematical object is, we don't really know, we just know that with practice we can sense them. The purpose of mathematics to achieve absolute certainty about something whose inner nature we can only catch glimpses of in our mind's eye. It is to grok simple things, rather than guess at complicated things.

It should be clear that this is not a purpose that most people would find worth pursuing, which is why most people aren't mathematicians. But I think most people should at least know what a mathematician does and why they do it.


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=  Chapter Seven =

They took their doses of transcendental apperceptive essence, and after some time, the trip began. They began to perceive Stephanie's transit from Earth to Malasrion.


It was stupendous. The entire journey was a warm and sunny descent onto the inner surface of Malasrion. Exactly how you end up on the inside of a sphere from the outside of one, when the smaller is not inside or does not intersect with the larger, Stephanie would never ever be able to explain to herself, let alone someone else.

The actual time it took, Stephanie could not perceive, either. The wide-open lawns of Matilda Bay had both rushed away from her, upwards, just as fast as the surface of Malasrion had been rocketing towards her feet. She could have sworn she had not rotated in any of the three dimensions she knew, yet she had, sure enough, gone straight upwards, and straight downwards—perhaps she had blinked, or lost attention, and her crew of space Anarchists had engineered their favourite Disney-ification of their arrivals between Earth and Malasrion.

The one thing Stephanie found disarming was that she had been perfectly contented and unalarmed while traversing many thousands of dimensions—all while being perfectly alone.

She suddenly remembered Rayan—Drago—had said to her that her journey would be on her lonesome. It made perfect sense to Stephanie, the experience that Stephanie was about to have was going to be work. Drago did not have to go through a difficult and convoluted journey between dimensions anymore—besides, he needed to get home before Stephanie, to prepare the house for a guest.

“It is a little like driving to Melbourne just to get down the road to the Deli,” Stephanie suddenly remembered she had said.

Stephanie was sure she had slept for some of the journey—or had at least lost consciousness and then somehow awoken; either which way it was a pleasant and refreshing process through which to go.

Perhaps she had no sense of the speed at which she was moving—it felt like an enormous rapid acceleration, followed by a leisurely deceleration.

Eventually, after waking what seemed like the third or fourth time—she awoke to the perfect acceptance that she had been joined by the rest of her Anarchist collective.

“Is this journey the same for everyone, Drago—I'm sorry,—Rayan?”

“Yes it is. And we are both very sorry for the cheap fare we paid for you to come be with us.”

“It was possibly the most pleasant waiting-room experience I have ever had in my life.”

“Yes, I absolutely love it.” Goh exclaimed.

“This is a recording, isn't it?” Stephanie laughed. She immediately felt a little embarrassment, as if a camera had been shoved in her face.

“More-or-less,” Lutrin smiled reassuringly. “But we can record any memory at any time, we can even go back and decide to record a transit such as this after it has transpired.

“I know this might seem a little condescending, Stephanie, but even though Malasrion assumes physical form here to you now because we are impoverished from the collapse of our civilisation, most of Malasrion manages to exist outside space and time. This physical colony of ours is our shadow of our real selves. Real selves that we are less and less being able to be.”

“Is the real Lutrin talking to me right now?”

“Unfortunately, yes. Our group of comrades here are very impoverished. We have a grab-bag of magic tricks we can deploy at will when we are living on Earth—and in third-dimensional Malasrion—but we can only use our transcendental powers within the third dimension. We are, truly, lumpenproletariat. I believe Goh here was born in the third dimension, only to discover his transcendental powers and visit other dimensions later on in life, as he is a young one. Of course both myself and Rayan remember the glory days of the Gremanese Revolution, so inspired as it was by Noral Mosky. She was a wonderful idol for both Rayan and I growing up. We were too young to have fought in the revolution, but we remember the great strides that Malasrion made into leaving the third dimension.

“We really are old folk, aren't we Rayan.”

“Well, I believe we are both very sickly. To have lived through the great flourishing of the beginning, as well as the bloody end of Communism for the Malasrionese, and arrived here in destitution, I would say we don't have much left in either of us.”

“But we believed in something...”

“Well, I would say your steady hold on the right cause might just pay off,” Palm-Frond interjected. “Don't ruin the mood! Earth will be, perhaps, joining us, in several short millennia, here beyond the third dimension, fresh off their civilisation's path of flourishing, and we would have toppled Scanlon, the Pact, as well as the Body Politic.”

“Aren't we so lucky.” Rayan turned to Lutrin.


When they arrived at the Malasrionese legislature, it was empty. The staff had packed up along with the stiff politicians, and had seemingly all left.

“This is not right.” Palm-Frond cautioned.

The had group collected in the main reception, after checking several wings of the building's offices. None of the space Anarchists had understood Stephanie's jokes about Great Danes and shaggy men.

Suddenly, a voice from outside. “I'm out here!”

Everyone spun around to find a member of the legislature clutching their torso, leaning a bloody hand on the enormous ceiling-high glass window just outside the parliament main entrance. The group was particularly stunned to have missed this figure before entering the building.

They assembled outside. The wounded person was none other than E. Lysenko, the leader of the Pact. Before everyone could get a good look at Lysenko, she collapsed. She fell backwards and a rush of bizarre-smelling liquid gushed out of the back of her head, on the concrete.

Stephanie instinctively tried to catch the woman, and then rushed to her aid, only to find the rest of her comrades still standing back. It suddenly occurred to Stephanie that she should not touch anything, not Lysenko, most of all. There would be Malasrionese police crawling all over this area within hours.

Lysenko began to speak, but as she did, the skin on her face sagged, to reveal what appeared to Stephanie as a stainless steel skull. The woman's eyes were without pupils or irises, and were stained with the same liquid that was seeping through her clothes and onto her hands. It was, on Stephanie's closer inspection, not blood: it was like thick, concentrated car coolant. Lysenko was not a biological life-form.

“We are poor fools, Rayan.”

Rayan looked Lysenko directly in her lifeless face. The sound of her voice was no longer issuing from her mouth. It was being modulated from somewhere in her abdomen.

“We are lucky, because we are late.”

“You're most likely in the safest part of Malasrion, right now, Rayan. You have pulled off a miracle. You are the luckiest little petulant Gremanese children I can think of.”

“I suppose you are right.”

Lysenko began, all of a sudden, to wail and moan. “I trusted them! And now we are finished. Do not go down to the tavern, unless you are in a hurry to die. I escaped wounded, and would likely have made it to Earth, but for the shock of seeing you here. It is a purge, Rayan. We have had the short-sightedness of trusting the Body Politic with their plans to unseat Scanlon, only to have them have us right where they wanted us.”

Goh was particularly pre-occupied during this revelation. Lysenko never noticed the young one, however, and never addressed anyone except Rayan, as her voice began to rasp and hiss.

“You never struck me as the sentimental type, Lysenko. You were ruthless and calculating with all of your enemies, as well as your friends.”

“I believed in something, Rayan. Surely you can understand that.”

“What is this, a eulogy to yourself? You yourself are a killer. You're also a very wealthy profiteer from violence as well as exploitation. Don't patronise me.”

Lysenko had died long before Rayan had finished. Her body had been motionless for some time now, Rayan had been talking to a lump of metal. Rayan looked disturbed. Lysenko had died without ever being challenged directly for her hypocrisy and blood-thirstiness.


Some time passed. Lutrin and Goh sat cross-legged opposite the toxic chemical mess around Lysenko's metallic frame.

Stephanie and Rayan stood with Palm-Frond, a little back, closer to the entrace of the legislature.

“My own father died, you know.” Palm-Frond spoke.

“I remember my parents, and I remember how my opinion of them changed over time.” Rayan chuckled a little.

“Did they inspire you to struggle, like this?” Stephanie asked.

“In a way.” Palm-Frond responded. “My parents were better off than others. I arrived here theoretically. Rayan is of course an old hand at these matters, having lived many lifetimes longer than I have. We are lucky in that way that we live longer than humans. Humans sometimes forget things. Humans also remember and become inspired by things, but then forget that there was a time before that.”

“Do not think that I don't find the concept complex to fathom.” Stephanie reassured.

“What inspired you to help us?” Palm-Frond said, unblinkingly.

“You already know the answer to that, you're mind-readers!”

“I want to hear it in your own words.”

“Well this is the hospitality I would show any comrades,” Stephanie laughed. “Some members of our section sent us an email and said a chain-smoking Slav man named Drago was arriving in several months' time for the Anarchist Bookfair we were putting on, he being a speaker.”

The entire group was listening to Stephanie by now.

Lutrin turned around and flashed Rayan an evil look: “Is this some sort of a joke?”

Rayan's lips curled into a naughty smile.

“You little devil. You wrote to an Earth Anarchist organisation?”

“Well it turned out well, didn't it?”

Everyone exploded into laughter.

to be continued/finished off

  • EOF -

from SijieLiang梁思捷

Sharing this on here as I need to vent into the ether but don't want to put it up [redacted] social media network because I have family on there and I don't want them to read certain parts

06/12/2020 (Personal Journal entry)

I'm mad at the world. I'm mad at myself. I've been so fucking lazy and inconsistent with things this year. I've not looked after my mental and physical health. I've been eating too much junk and getting fat.

Not that I think weed is a bad thing necessarily but I've been using it as a crutch this year and using anything, not just drugs, as a crutch can be dangerous.

I've not followed through with my plans very well. I pretty much ditched my Commercial Cookery Cert 4 and I don't expect myself to finish it at a later point, as it has nothing to offer me with regards to my own food ambitions. I tried to keep up with Yoga but once it went online because Rona, I lost motivation.

I've tried socialising after the lockdown restrictions were lifted but I always just feel flat and exhausted. I meet up with friends and I briefly feel happy but afterwards, I just want to be alone for several days, even up to a week.

I don't even feel like walking the dog most days and I have to pretty much force myself to do it when I do take him for a walk. It just feels Iike I'm merely surviving from day to day.

I was supposed to attend a friend's end of year gathering today and I even baked a cake and made a salad for it but then I don't know, I didn't end up going and now I have this cake and salad that I have to find someone to share with or just eat the whole fucking thing myself.

I can't wait for this year to end and the new one to come. I know I can reset and try to sort my shit out at any time if I put my mind to it but honestly, I think I don't have it in me. There's just a little bit under one month left in the year. Just trying to exist until then, not even live. Just exist. Then I hope the new year brings more energy for me.

I want to be happy and healthy and have a good social life and a fulfilling work life. I want to have enthusiasm for learning again, I briefly had it again for AUSLAN (Australian sign language) but it faded. I don't feel like me, like Sijie, I haven't felt like me for most of this year. I want to find me again. I want to get my groove back. I want to be ON, not on Standby or Screensaver mode. I want to get shit done!


from vidak

;; Copyright © 2020 VIDAK.

;; Author: VIDAK ;; Created: 1 December 2020 ;; Version: 0.0.1 ;; Keywords: catgirl linux guix exwm emacs xorg-server ;; Homepage:

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this file. If not, see


CatGirl GNU/Linux attempts to push forward the cause of LISP Machines in popularity and efficacy. Its components are:

  • EMACS; if it runs on EMACS, it runs on CatGirl GNU/Linux.
  • X11;
  • EXWM.
  • The GUIX System.

To install CatGirl GNU/Linux, take the following files, and copy their contents into the following files, according to the schema below:

You WILL need to edit these extracts with the relevant hardware setup you have, with respect to your monitors, filesystems and bootloaders.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to work out how to change the theme of the bootloader in GRUB at the time. If someone else wants to figure out how to do that, I'd be more than happy for someone to go ahead!

Then run (as root):

~# guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm

CatGirl GNU/Linux is under lazy, inactive development. Any suggestions for improvements are welcome, and can be made to

There is some intention to create a project page and perhaps a git repository, but for now, this is a one-off release.


from SijieLiang梁思捷

Just testing this out. Posting a short Alternate History piece I wrote last year which posits not only a Bruce Lee that lives to present day but is also a naturalised Aussie.


Bruce “Bazza” Lee, a famous East Fremantle local, known as a lovable larrikin and jack of all trades. In his 59 years in Australia, he's done everything.

A docker, a welder, a taxi driver, a dishwasher, a deliveryman. In his 20s, he even had a stint in the local WAFL, his old practice grounds now bearing his name as a respectful tribute. A decision to open up his martial arts classes to all races and genders in 1966 unwittingly landed him in both the Aboriginal humans right and Feminist struggles.

Teaching martial arts and dance in his early years here, he went on to stage and television acting. Eventually landing the memorable role as a sandwich bar owner and antagonist to Alf in Home and Away.

He decided to sit down with us for an interview at his East Freo studio, where he still teaches martial arts and dance to this day.

Good morning, Mr Lee. Thanks for agreeing to sit down for an interview with us!

Bruce or Bazza is fine, thanks. And it's my pleasure.

You have a beautiful studio, I must say. The very first one that you opened, is that correct?

Yes, I signed the lease in 1964. Can you believe it?! It's been a long time.

Wow 55 years, that's incredible. So, you arrived in the 60s. From what I've heard about that time, it must have been very rough for you.

It was a very rough time early on. You know, there was still the White Australia policy going on, so I barely got in in the first place. And even then for maybe a decade, I felt was gonna be kicked out at any moment. I'm a Chinese man surrounded by all these white people and I'm away from family. I was lonely. And I got in a lot of fights early on, nothing I couldn't handle but it wasn't easy finding acceptance. But after I settled in Freo, I felt a little more at home.

Why is that?

Freo, I reckon, seemed to host so many of the weirdos, deviants and artsy types in Perth, so I felt like I fitted right in. Plus it's near the water, and I like the water. Nowhere else in Perth felt quite right.

You played footy for Freo for a few years. Was that a way to be further accepted by the locals?

Haha, maybe. I think it was more a way to get rough in a legal way, get some stress and anger out on other blokes. But I was never really good at it anyway. My old teammate Mick said, “Bazza, you can run and kick alright but you're shit at everything else. You can't catch and pass the ball for shit.” laughs Mick and probably the whole team didn't know that I was severely short-sighted and of course, I couldn't wear my glasses on the field, so I just squinted and improvised my way around.

Fair enough. We know footy didn't really pay in those days, so how did you support yourself?

I did school to improve my English, I made that promise with my parents. But I also worked a few jobs to support myself. I worked at the docks in Freo. I worked at Uncle Billy's in Northbridge, washing dishes and helping out front on busy nights. I did factory work. I was a courier for a while. And on weekends, I also taught Kung Fu and ballroom dancing, for a little extra money. I did hard yakka those first few years.

Kung Fu and Ballroom dancing. An interesting combo.

It's what I knew at the time. I was the Cha-Cha champion of Hong Kong, I guess enough people were impressed by that title to learn from me. Interestingly enough, a lot of American GIs who wanted to impress the local girls. You know, for the first maybe 5 years, the dance classes actually brought in more money than the kung fu.

Wow. What do you think changed?

Action movies got popular. People watched James Bond and wanted to know how to fight like him, you know flipping bad guys over with ease, knocking them out with one punch. Mind you, I never promised such abilities but I guess that didn't matter.

You were one of first martial arts instructors in Australia to openly teach Aboriginal students. Why did you make that decision?

Yeah...that brought a lot of trouble and the wrong sort of attention. I was completely unaware that I was one of the first at the time. I was already teaching women, I didn't think it was a big deal. I had made a few black friends in Freo by that point. It just seemed like a good idea to teach them too. When I opened up my classes to blackfellas, some of my own white students left in protest. I even got a few letters from some in the Chinese community that politely urged me to stop. But I didn't care. I thought back then as I do right now that it was the right thing to do. I have no regrets.

You weren't worried about the repercussions?

No not really. You got to understand, in Hong Kong, I had faced a lot worse. There was one point where the options for me were going to prison or get killed by gangsters. So I thought, what's a few angry white people. smirks

The only time I was really worried, was when I started receiving death threats in the mail. I didn't particularly care, I could handle myself but I thought about my wife and our two young kids. We had considered moving but the threats for some reason stopped after a few months.

Wow, scary. Any idea what happened to the people that sent them?

Who knows. Maybe they thought I had mystical Oriental powers and didn't want to risk my wrath. laughs

After you got settled in, at some point, you decided to become an actor. How did that happen?

Yes, quite by accident, mind you. Jack Davis, the great poet and playwright, one day approached me as a fight and dance choreographer in some of his plays. I was taken by surprise. Blackfellas must've put in a good word for me. laughs I thought, what did I have to lose, so I gave it a shot.

From there, I also helped out with fight and dance choreography for other plays in Perth and then eventually, I was wrangled in to act in a few small roles on stage. It wasn't much but I enjoyed it. I was a child actor in a few Hong Kong films, I guess the acting bug never left me.

It was fun. And from stage plays, I got into tele.

Getting in a shouting match and fist fight with Alf?

Hey, don't knock it. People still recognise me from Home and Away decades later! laughs

That's how I found out about you! As a kid in the 80s, I was so happy to see another Asian face on TV. There weren't many if I recall.

Haha, glad to hear it. You know, some young Asian Aussie actors have told me that I was their inspiration to get into the profession. I don't quite believe it but I'm glad they're doing what they love. Even some Asian American kids have said the same thing, I have no idea what they would've watched though. I had no idea my stuff had that kind of reach.

Speaking of America, you've mentioned in past interviews with others that you, upon leaving Hong Kong, considered moving to America but changed your mind and came here instead. Why America and what would you have done there?

You know, I was born there. I had family there. Still do to this day. And I guess, there was the American Dream. Everyone wanted a piece of it. I was no exception.

As for what I would have done in America. I'm not sure, probably the same things as I did here. In saying that, I did fancy myself being a big time Hollywood actor when I was young. You know, I had daydreams of becoming a Chinese James Dean or Marlon Brando. Don't get me wrong, stage acting and tele here is fun but Hollywood is big time. Could you imagine? Bruce Lee, the first Chinese superstar in Hollywood! Acting alongside James Caan and Steve McQueen! I would have introduced Chinese Kung Fu to the world with my movies. Sorry, I get a bit carried away thinking about it sometimes.

No, not at all. That would have been pretty cool. I would watch your movies.

Haha, thanks!

So, for the readers out there, is there something that maybe you want to plug?

I have a book out. If you want to read about my boring life, it's in all good book stores right now and for a very decent price too. winks Also I'm in a very interesting play on at the State Theatre. I won't reveal much but if you want to see this old man dance, you won't be disappointed.

Umm and oh yes! My grand-daughter bugs me about this constantly. If you can check out my Face... book and Insta... gram, that would be great. I don't actually run them, I'm too old. I don't know about those kinds of things but my granddaughter, she puts in a lot of hard work to keep it all running. So send us a little appreciation.

**Any final advice for the readers? **

Um, keep your head up high and uh, Walk on!

Bruce Lee's memoirs, “Bazza: A Life” is out on shelves now. The play mentioned is “Senior Moments: A Comedy Revue” and will be running at the State Theatre Centre of WA from the 10th to the 17th April.


from vidak

I began my philosophy of dialectical naturalism by being very inspired by the philosophy of mind that John McDowell developed in his John Locke Lectures in the 90s, and published in book form in Mind and World.

McDowell is first a Wittgensteinian quietist, and a Hegelian second. I am a Hegelian, and in no way a Wittgensteinian. So the message that I lifted from Mind and World is one that is at odds with McDowell's philosophy.

McDowell only figures concepts that humans understand and possess to inhabit the Fregean level of 'sense'. I take it to mean that concepts are situated in the level of 'reference'. So when McDowell takes it to mean that concepts are, fundamentally, ephemeral human constructions that do not actually inhabit the objective world, I disagree. I am a strong conceptual realist. I hold that concepts are objects that exist in the world whether or not humans existed, and whether or not humans are aware about them.

I also differ from McDowell in my characterisation of what a concept is. McDowell accepts some of Kant's story, only some of Hegel's story, and parts of Aristotle when dealing with concepts. On the whole, McDowell is a Kantian about concepts—he pictures them to be mentalistic relationships that help humans make judgements. I do not agree with this either. I take a concept to be an Aristotelian Hegelian concept. That is, it is the objective or actual expression of some essence. It is something's formal-final cause. In this way, I do not admit of concepts as mentalistic objects. This has an important effect on the theory of truth that this philosophy espouses. Truth and reality are not foundationalist. Truths and facts are not atomic, static blocks that are either 'all' or 'nothing' about their validity and soundness.

In this way, foundationalism treats 'truth' and 'reality' as interchangeable labels. I make a distinction between truth and realness. I admit that everything is real, or, as McDowell says, a fact is something that is the case, and that the world is a totality of facts, but, I say some things are more true that others.

What makes something more true than something else? The more perfectly is expresses its essence. Something with totally expresses its essence is perfectly true. So, for me, as it does not for McDowell, a concept is also teleological: hence it is a formal-final cause of an object.

But, apart from these differences, I am very inspired by the story that McDowell tells in Mind and World: The mind is divided into two sorts of processes when judgements about the world. These sorts of relationships explain how we are perfectly in touch with the world. This is a direct realist theory of mind. Elsewhere, people have labelled this theory of mind as a “conduit theory of experience”. To my mind, this moniker is accurate. This is not a representationalist theory of experience—it is an 'identity' theory of experience.

An 'identity' theory of experience does not picture the mind as mirroring or copying the content about the world when it is experiencing. This is normally how theories of mind are expounded. Instead, the content of the world directly figures directly in the mind.

The first process that the mind possesses in order to be perfectly in touch with the world is the faculty of sensibility, and the second the faculty of spontaneity.

Sensibility takes the content of the world that it experiences and delivers it up to spontaneity. Sensibility is completely uncritical and passive with respect to the content of the world. It is the faculty of spontaneity which forms (what Kant would call) judgements about the world.

So, I admit of the Kantian philosophy of mind: I view the mind as being divided into Receptivity and Spontaneity.

However, unlike McDowell, I do not leave any ambiguities about whether or not this explanation is dualistic. I take it that what the Sellarsian philosophers call the 'space of reasons' to extend all the way down to the level of sensibility.

This, for me, means that the world is enchanted with meaning and value in the sense that McDowell derides in Mind and World: there is meaning in the fall of a sparrow as there is in a book.

Let me pause for a moment, and explain why I take this to be true, before discussing its highly attractive political implications.

McDowell seems to be happy saying that the 'space of concepts' extends into sensibility, but not the space of reasons. Only the faculty of spontaneity inhabits the space of reasons.

I think this explanation, which has to be gleaned from a close textual interpretation and logical reconstruction of McDowell's ideas in Mind and World, means McDowell's philosophy is ultimately dualist, and if we are to keep what we like about McDowell's theory of mind—which is that the world is imbued with meaning.

McDowell is seated somewhere between a Humean and a Kantian on the question of what it exactly means to have a disenchanted experience of the world at the level of sense-data, and an enchanted and rational one at the level of conceptual articulation.

A Humean fully accepts what McDowell calls the 'Myth of the Given'. This is that human experience of the world is deterministic and completely disenchanted. Humeans structure the logical categories of the Sellarsians in this way:

First, the space of nature, which is identical with the realm of scientific intelligibility. Then, the space of reasons is a subcategory of scientific intelligibility. So, Humeans are naturalists.

Kantians are anti-naturalists. They accept that the space of nature is indeed vacated of any meaning, but that there is more that is real than just the space of nature. Kantians are dualists about truth. We might image that they speak of the 'space of the real', of which the space of reasons and the realm of scientific intelligibility are cohabitants.

I do not like either of these stories, and I do not like McDowell's either. McDowell pictures the 'space of concepts' as a superset of the space of reasons. So, if we understand McDowell correctly, there are meaningful concepts, and concepts which are devoid of meaning. In this way, the space of nature is the home to both the realm of natural scientific intelligibility, and the space of reasons as well.

I take this to still be a dualism. The picture that I prefer is that the space of reasons is identical with the space of nature.

The political implications of (what I call) this philosophy of dialectical naturalism is that humans can perceive moral facts in the same way as they can experience epistemic facts. If it is true that there are moral facts with the same alethic properties as epistemic facts, then it follows that there must be a good or a right way for humans to live.

Ultimately, I am, with this above metaphysics, interested in constructing a philosophy of objective morality. This account of morality is a virtue ethical account. The broad aim of my project is to produce a list of virtues about how the social ecology of humans should be structured. The list of virtues I will produce apply to humans both individually and collectively. The social system that my philosophy outlines is a communist one. I aim to demonstrate that the organisation of human life around the ‘needs principle’ is the morally objectively correct way to live.

I argue that organising the totality of human life around ‘from each according to their ability, to each according to their need’ provides the best way for humans to flourish.