My name is Vidak. I live in Perth, Western Australia. I have an academic background in political philosophy and metaphysics, but I am currently studying Computer Science at Murdoch University.

people also used to call me ‘bootlicker’ because my big blog, which i am rehosting soon, was called . I lived in Sydney for about half a decade, and did a lot of stuff there, too.

I am an active libertarian communist. I have been a radical communist activist since age 16. When I was 16, I hung a red and yellow hammer and sickle flag from my English Literature school block, the B block, at Hale School here in Perth.

My family roots are from the Swan Valley. I am a slav, and my family comes from Yugoslavia :–) Discovering anarchism / libertarian Marxism really set me free from the rigid Catholicism of my slavic family, but I still share an amazing joy for life like they do :–)

In Sydney, I helped organise big protests, ran unsuccessfully for local council in Leichhardt, occupied the Villawood detention centre, gave seminars on Marx and Marxist philosophy—and, for some weeks, I was the sole person organising a state upper house election campaign in Victoria for Socialist Alliance.

Actually I did even more than that, but, I suppose, by now, you’re thinking, “I get it. You’re a communist. You can stop now” XD.

I love computers and philosophy. I am still yet to submit by thesis for my PhD in philosophy, on Hegel’s Philosophy of Nature.

I am proficient in Common LISP, 6502 Assembly, and Smalltalk. I am now trying to get into Ada, so I need to find some sort of project to start creating in it :–)

I have been a Linux user since age 14. These are the distributions I used, in the order in which I used them: Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, Gentoo, GUIX.

I absolutely love electricity. I taught myself university level electronic engineering when I was recuperating from being diagnosed with schizophrenia. I have schizophrenia, but it does not really affect my life too badly.

Anyway—I absolutely love all sorts of transistorised circuits, be they amplifiers, oscillators, synthesisers—anything analogue. Actually that is the primary lens through which I see computers. The digital world is indeed piggybacking on the analogue electronic world, for me.

I have built many radios and incredible other analogue projects. My next project in the electronic visual field is going to be one I have been planning since 2013. It is a fully hand-soldered discrete transistor computer. When my blog gets back up, i’ll link you all :–)

I dream of a worldwide communist revolution. Only then will we be able to rid ourselves of the muck of ages, and leave the pre-history of human kind :–)

Our real history is going to be the one we make after capitalism :–)

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